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4 Maintenance Tips For Heavy Machinery

At SuperService™ we have the pleasure of working with a broad range of customers across various industries and disciplines. While there are many types of heavy machinery, there are several commonalities when it comes to caring for your machines in order to get the most out of them. Many of the machines we provide services for play an integral role in mining, construction, civil, rail, aviation and agriculture projects. Unnecessary downtime can heavily impact site schedules and timelines. To ensure optimal performance of your equipment and the safety of their operators, regular scheduled servicing and preventative maintenance is a must (with a little help from SuperService™ along the way!)

We strongly recommend having a preventative maintenance program in place for your heavy machinery.

Planning ahead, to identify times between jobs or during holidays, is an ideal opportunity to have maintenance undertaken on your machinery. This allows your equipment to be brought up to optimum condition while you are planning your next projects or taking some much needed R and R. It also provides peace of mind as you know that when you recommence work there will be no unexpected stoppages due to machine malfunction.

Far too many accidents or repairs could be avoided if a maintenance program was in place; not only does preventative maintenance keep your operators safe but it keeps your business running too. SuperService™ will collaborate with you to create an appropriate maintenance plan for you, one that saves you time and money. Catching any minor problems before they evolve into bigger and more costly ones is one of our specialties!

Tips to maintain your heavy equipment

We have listed our top 4 tips to keep the gears turning and pistons pumping in your heavy equipment:


Being aware of equipment performance specifications and limitations specified in the manufacturer’s manual is vital. Exceeding the performance specifications and limitations of your machine can quickly lead to increased wear and tear, along with reduced longevity and compromised safety.

SuperService™ is available in our Brisbane workshop, in the field in Brisbane and the Greater Brisbane region, or over the phone to assist you with your maintenance needs. We are just a call away.


Your machinery needs to be in the hands of trained, competent operators. This is essential to mitigate risk and get the absolute best out of your machine. Ensure your operators and everyone in contact with the equipment are trained and familiar with the proper use of each piece of machinery on the job. Follow your owner/operator manual and any other official guidelines pertaining to your specific industry and job type before letting just anyone operate your gear.


The environment and working conditions of your site can have an impact on the wear and tear of your machine. Keep an eye on your machine and monitor for unusual vibrations, shock impact, high temperatures, friction, and age of your machines – all of these factors contribute to the potential breakdown of parts in heavy machinery.

The more information we have, the better our team can quickly and effectively address any problems you may be experiencing. Vibration can come from gears and belts that are worn or out of alignment; shock can come from accidents or poor operator technique; hot temperatures can come from extended use, friction, poor lubrication and from worn parts. Your feedback and awareness of your machine will help to minimise wear and tear and allow us to quickly perform the necessary replacement of any worn parts.


Without sounding repetitive, we cannot stress the importance of committing to a preventive maintenance program enough. It keeps everything running smoothly, prevents premature wear and tear and importantly it gives our customers peace of mind that their equipment is not being neglected. By continually taking corrective actions a heavy equipment specialist like SuperService™ can ensure reliability and performance of  your equipment. Preventative maintenance involves regular servicing, systematic inspections/calibrations, and replacement of identified components as well as performance testing and analysis. A successful preventative maintenance program extends equipment life and minimises unscheduled and costly downtime.

We hope these tips will assist with the care and maintenance of your machinery, however, rest assured that SuperService™ are here to help with any unexpected repairs, services or major inspections with our trained, professional team of highly skilled mechanics.



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