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A Guide to Backhoe Maintenance

Backhoe Maintenance Checklist: Essential Tasks for Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is critical to the efficiency and longevity of construction equipment, such as backhoes. Backhoes are used for a range of different tasks, including landscaping, construction, agriculture, and farming projects.

A backhoe will quickly show signs of strain and stress when used in harsh conditions, if it has underlying damage, or if it is due for a service. When operating a backhoe, you must consider its size and abilities. Taking care of this type of equipment necessitates regular inspections, including both pre-start checks and professional maintenance.

Pre-start Inspections

Conducting a daily pre-start inspection before use is a major key to ensuring the longevity of your equipment. This inspection can include:

  • Checking all bolts are intact and tight.
  • Ensuring your bucket has no signs of structural damage, as these can get significant wear and tear. This can include the teeth or the cutting edge.
  • Looking for any signs of damaged hydraulic hoses or leaks.
  • Checking the boom/arms, bucket pins, and swing spins.
  • Filter inspection, to remove any dust or dirt that can clog airways. These machines work in harsh dusty environments.
  • Checking lubricants and coolant levels.
  • Inspection of tyres, rims, and nuts.

Professional Maintenance

Professional maintenance of your backhoe is an essential task that can be conducted at the recommended service intervals of three months or 250 hours, 500 hours, 750 hours or 1000 hours, followed by repeatable intervals. These checks are an efficient way to ensure your machine is running properly and that there are no underlying issues.

At SuperService™, we are heavy equipment specialists, servicing a range of different machines including backhoes. Our professional backhoe maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Diagnostics of your machine.
  • Scheduled servicing.
  • General and preventative maintenance.
  • Repairs and rebuilds, when needed.
  • Hydraulic service.
  • Components service.
  • Welding.

If you are looking for more information or want to discuss specifics of your backhoe maintenance needs, please reach out to us via our ‘contact us’ page.


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