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Excavator Maintenance: A Complete Guide to Excavator Maintenance & Repairs 


Engineered with robust equipment and built to last, excavators are powerful tools capable of taking on a variety of tasks without missing a beat. But like any other piece of equipment, excavators require daily maintenance inspections, professional inspections, and repair checks in order to continue running efficiently.

Your excavator will give several signs that it is in need of maintenance and/or repairs, including wear and tear that might not be visible. Regular professional maintenance is necessary to keep your excavator operating optimally and results in better fuel efficiency, higher productivity, lower costs, and reduced downtime. It also prolongs the life of your machine.

What are the key features of maintenance checks and your maintenance options?

  • The key features of maintenance checks: 

Maintenance is the single most important part of keeping your excavator running well, whether it’s daily maintenance, professional maintenance, or repair sessions.

Your daily maintenance can consist of: checking all nuts, bolts, guards, bumpers, and tracks; cleaning the debris of the cab and undercarriage, including built-up dirt; checking the track tension, coolant, engine oil, and hydraulic systems; draining the fuel system water separator and monitoring fuel levels; and maintaining daily checks of your machine can all help to maintain safety and efficiency on site.

Professional maintenance can consist of checking the diagnostics, performing minor and extensive repairs as needed, updating any technology, servicing the engine and components, and checking the undercarriage. Professional servicing is an essential step to ensure the longevity of your machine, no matter what type of equipment.

Professional services, depending on the management and usage of your machine, can consist of servicing monthly or every three months, or yearly service intervals.

  • Your maintenance options: 

At SuperService™, we offer regularly scheduled excavator maintenance and repair options, whether that be in our workshop or at your preferred location across Brisbane and the Greater Brisbane region. We make sure to check vitals such as the battery, undercarriage, fluid levels, and so forth. This process is to make sure you will not need major repairs on issues that can easily be avoided through regular maintenance.

When it comes to excavator servicing, we have the capabilities and expertise to ensure your vehicle is well looked after. Our excavator service is a more thorough form of maintenance that is not performed as regularly. Our service is unmatched: we provide solutions to problems you might not even have been aware of.

At SuperService™, we are here to help you with your crucial earthmoving service and maintenance needs, while also providing you with efficient and affordable options for repairs should you ever need them.


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