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Heavy Truck Maintenance Tips to Prevent Any Major Issues

Trucks are one of the heavy equipment champions of construction work, being able to transport heavy loads from point A to B. It’s important to ensure they are looked after, which is why here at SuperService™, we encourage everyone to undertake preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity and health of their vehicle and reduce the risks of breakdowns!  


We’ve outlined a few ways you can perform basic truck maintenance yourself in the lead up to your actual truck service. That way, you can learn how each nook and cranny of your machine should look and operate so that while you are using it, you can detect any problems as soon as possible. 


Firstly, tyres need to be maintained to ensure safe and smooth travel when your truck is out on the road. You’ll want to keep an eye on the evenness of the tyre, ensuring it keeps a uniform thickness on its entire surface. An uneven surface could result in a blowout, which can be extremely hazardous if you’re out on busy roads. Secondly, your tyre’s pressure needs to stay at a suitable level. You should refer to the manufacturer’s guide to see what the best pressure is for your type of tyre.   


Another exterior part to check is your truck’s exterior lights. Turning the lights on and walking around will help you check that they’re all working properly, and help you catch any dimming in the bulbs. This is also a good opportunity to take a rag and wipe any construction-muck from the lights so that they’re always visible to other vehicles out on the road.  


Always take note of how your brakes are performing when you are driving, especially when carrying varying loads in your truck. Check the brakes when you can and consider getting them checked out if there is a lot of wear and tear on them. These are a super important things to keep in mind as failure to stop can lead to severe damage to your truck as well as potential injuries to yourself and others. 


Maintaining lubrication is a great way to keep your parts working together smoother than butter. You’ll want to use only high-quality vehicle grease on areas like the steering or suspension. Without lubrication, you may find that where parts meet, wear and tear will happen as time passes, which will inevitably lead to breakdowns.  


Within the engine lies the belts, which work tirelessly to keep everything working as it should be. Anything that’s used too much is subject to wear over time, which can in turn cause serious harm to your truck’s engine. It’s recommended that when checking the belt you look through the rubber for any cracks – this is where the belt could split and damage parts inside the hood, like the engine, resulting in a costly truck repair! Cracks are a sign that you may want to get yourself a new belt, which you can discuss with your mechanic when you see them for a truck service.  

Air Filters

Keeping your air filter clear is essential to keep your engine running smoothly. The air filter can get clogged with dirt while driving, especially on dusty roads, so it’s important to regularly monitor its condition so you can replace it as needed. If it is looking extremely dirty, it’s best to get a replacement as soon as possible to ensure the longevity of your engine.  

Just Get Maintenance 

Our final tip is less of a tip and more of a piece of advice. While it’s great to get a real in depth look at your truck and a hands on feel for how things work, it’s always recommended that you get your truck looked at by reputable, experienced heavy equipment mechanics that can assist you with your regular truck maintenance/service.  

These tips will serve to simply see when something is wrong in those in-between periods and will help you spot things sooner so you can bring your truck in for repairs sooner rather than when it’s too late, saving you some serious money in the process.  

If you’re due for a truck maintenance or service, get in touch with us today. Get in touch via our contact page today for your heavy equipment service. 


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