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How To Avoid Common Truck Overheating Issues

Trucks are vital to the transport industry. However, an overheating truck is a common problem that many businesses face. While engines naturally produce heat, excessive amounts pose a safety hazard and increase the risk of engine damage. Nonetheless, there are steps you can take to avoid common truck overheating issues and avoid costly repairs. Whether you are currently experiencing a truck running hot, or want to take preventative measures, allow us to outline some common truck overheating issues and what you can do to help prevent them.  

What does it mean for a truck’s engine to overheat? 

Your truck’s engine generates a considerable amount of heat. An optimally functioning truck has a system dedicated to keeping everything under the hood cool: the cooling system. Too much heat is always an issue with vehicles. Everything in your truck is designed to withstand a certain temperature before failing. When a truck overheats, items like gaskets and hoses have a tendency to melt and crack or worse. As you can imagine, damaged hoses and gaskets poses a considerable hazard to the functioning of your truck. In certain cases, excessive heat can even cause irreversible damage to your engine. 

Reasons for overheating and how to avoid them 

If you’re currently dealing with this issue, you’re likely wondering: Why does my truck overheat? Here are five common truck overheating causes and how to avoid them: 

REASON 1: Coolant system fault. If your coolant isn’t circulating properly, it can’t perform its job of removing heat from your engine and your truck will run hot. 

HOW TO AVOID THIS: Regularly check for evidence of leaks. A clear indicator of an engine issue is the presence of liquid beneath your parked truck. This is because the various fluids essential to the running of your truck are meant to stay trapped inside until they are drained and replaced. It is also important to pay attention to the level of the coolant tank. If the coolant level is looking low, refill to the proper level and check the bar frequently to ensure the amount is remaining consistent. If the level continues to be low over time, this indicates there is a bigger issue that may need to be addressed by a heavy equipment specialist.  

REASON 2: Malfunctioning thermostat. Like the coolant system, a thermostat is a crucial element working to regulate the heat generated by your engine. When functioning correctly, a thermostat should be neither completely shut nor open; this is to enable the best flow of the coolant.     

HOW TO AVOID THIS: Ensure you have your truck serviced regularly by a heavy equipment specialist like SuperService™ as a change in the temperate emitted by your truck’s engine could be caused by a block in the thermostat.  

REASON 3: Defective belts or hoses. Belts and hoses work to regulate how the coolant flows through the system. Any obstructions will impact how well heat is regulated in the engine and lead to an overheated engine. 

HOW TO AVOID THIS: Regular maintenance of your truck is required. A heavy equipment specialist like SuperService™ will check/tighten belts and look for any obstructions/deformations in your hoses.   

REASON 4: Not enough oil. A truck that is low on oil can run the risk of excessive heat production. This is because the oil in your truck keeps everything lubricated; without enough oil, friction between parts will generate more heat.  

HOW TO AVOID THIS: Consistently check the oil level and for any evidence of leaks.  

REASON 5: Faulty water pump. The water pump circulates the engine coolant through the cooling system. If this fails, considerable heat will build up in your truck’s engine.  

HOW TO AVOID THIS: Regular servicing of your truck is required to avoid this issue. A heavy equipment specialist like SuperService™ will test that the water pump is performing correctly and rectify any issue.  

How SuperService™ can help you 

Although these measures can help mitigate the risks of your truck’s engine overheating, there may also be circumstances in which you need expert help. In addition to damaging your engine, excessive heat can also lead to breakdowns. At SuperService™, we know the difficulties of truck breakdowns, and offer a wide range of services and repairs to help maintain your machine. Truck breakdowns are a common occurrence that can happen, but with the assistance and support of SuperService™, your truck can be as good as new. 


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