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Is Your Crane Due For Its 10-year Major Inspection?

Major inspections are a vital way to ensure continued safe operations for cranes nearing the end of their design life. 

A 10-year major inspection is a thorough assessment of a mobile or tower crane in accordance with Australian Standards and WHS regulations. A suitably qualified mechanic or experienced competent person is required to examine all the critical components of the crane, by means of stripping down the crane and removing paint, grease, and corrosion to allow for a thorough examination of every critical component. This is to ensure the continued efficient and safe operation of the crane.  

Not conducting this major inspection and continuing to operate your crane can increase the risk of catastrophic failure of the crane, exposing bystanders to the risk of grievous bodily harm or even death. Are you aware that the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has also made this major inspection mandatory for cranes in WA? 

Our experienced and resourceful team at SuperService™ can carry out your 10-year inspection, ensuring that your crane meets all required standards and regulations. This means you can get back to work quick-smart and be confident in the knowledge that your crane is compliant with all relevant safety standards. 

SuperService™ are your ‘go to’ crane mechanics. We offer inspections, servicing, or repairs at our Underwood location or, if you are in Brisbane and the Greater Brisbane region, why not take advantage of our mobile crane service? Contact us to get your crane inspected and back in action! 


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