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Outsourcing Truck Maintenance: What You Need to Know

The continuous advancement in truck manufacturing makes it more challenging for owners to keep up. This is especially true when talking about truck fleet maintenance.

As a fleet owner, it’s a great idea to have knowledge of specialized equipment needs, which gives importance to in-house heavy truck maintenance. This also gives you better quality control. However, there are quite a few reasons why you should consider hiring an outsourced maintenance provider.

If the thought has already crossed your mind but you’re still undecided, this article might help. Read on.

The Challenge

The shortage of truck drivers in Australia is already causing major challenges within the nation. What you probably don’t know is that there is also a shortage of qualified mechanics who are capable of heavy truck maintenance.

If you’re concerned about truck fleet maintenance costs, consider the costs for training or recruiting your own in-house mechanics, it would be a substantial expense. While that could be an investment you can leverage in the future, employing properly trained mechanics with the right skills not that easy.

You should also factor in tools and equipment for the job. This is particularly important if you own more than one make of truck, requiring even more tools and further increasing the price of setting up pretty steep.

Another thing to consider is the evaluation of all the gathered data. Every time your truck undergoes maintenance or repair, data should be collected and analysed. This provides insight into the condition of your fleet.
Do you have a dedicated team who can take care of this for you?

Importance of outsourcing maintenance

In addition to maintenance costs, some owners worry about handing over their felt maintenance control.
If this is something you think about, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Reputable outsourced maintenance providers like SuperService will listen to your fleet needs and deliver exceptional service. We’ll cover all of the important details you need to know when hiring our services. This includes preventative maintenance schedules, and necessary parts needed in the repair process.

Don’t hesitate to discuss in detail your needs and expectations with a prospective service provider to help you determine your right outsourcing option.

Remember, outsourcing can be a great option as long as you know what you’re looking for. The right service provider will take care of everything you need to maintain your fleet to the highest standard. As a result, you will have more time to focus on core business activities and meeting your customers’ needs.

When to Outsource

Outsourcing is a great option especially for smaller fleets who may not have inhouse capabilities.
Additionally, it can assist larger fleets when there is high demand and tight turnaround requirements.
Keeping in mind, the decision to outsource maintenance generally relies on your unique requirements and expectations. Consider the advantages given above and determine whether those are the solutions you’re looking for.

To help you with just that, remember these three important factors:

1. Tooling
2. Training
3. Suitable workshop facilities

While you can always choose to invest in training, tooling and workshops, consider whether it can really help you for the long term. Your decision should be able to help you maximise uptime and minimise costs for the long haul.

Professional service providers possess properly trained and certified mechanics, necessary parts, tools and equipment.

The Bottom line

Other benefits of outsourcing truck maintenance include:

• Increased asset utilisation
• Increased revenue
• Uninterrupted transportation
• Time management
• Better scheduling

These benefits are easily attainable through services providers who offer complete and flexible solutions. If you’re looking for the right option for you, always factor in visibility, accountability, flexibility, predictability and cost management.

Better yet, look no further than SuperService. We know and understand the importance of keeping your fleet in top condition so we strive to deliver the exceptional maintenance services you deserve.
We can provide these maintenance solutions in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Discuss your maintenance needs with us today.
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