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Parts Division Reduces Machine Downtime

SuperService™ is dedicated to reducing downtime for our customers. Servicing, repairing, and providing preventative maintenance on heavy equipment is our specialty and understanding our customers’ needs highlighted the demand for a dedicated Parts division of the business.

Paul King, SuperService™ Parts Interpreter, explains the importance of having readily available parts onsite at SuperService™:

“We established the SuperService™ Parts division in 2021 to ensure we could better service both our internal and external customers,” he explained. “By stocking a lot of the fast-moving items, we reduce down-time for our customers whilst increasing productivity of our own workshop. It has been a genuine win-win scenario for everyone involved.”

King is responsible for identifying and sourcing parts through a large network of contacts and suppliers. He manages inventory and availability while building relationships with various OEMs and parts suppliers to ensure parts are in-stock and available for SuperService™ customers. “Our primary OEM is SANY, however, we also source parts for most other machines. If we know there is a need, I will work around the clock until I find availability and can source it,” he said.

As the servicing partner of YELLO Equipment™, SuperService™ has a fast-growing customer base of SANY earthmoving equipment owners. Recognising the need to ensure that this important group of clientele have readily available parts when needed, SuperService™ has invested in a large amount of SANY parts and accessories that are in-stock and available to equipment owners.

“A large portion of our stock is OEM parts for SANY machines,” said King. “We want all our YELLO Equipment™ customers to know that SuperService™ has their needs covered. Having a well-stocked parts centre demonstrates we can quickly and efficiently supply parts when needed, thus reducing down time for our customers and making sure their earth moving equipment is out on sites doing what they are supposed to do.”

SuperService™ continues to expand its range of services with the ability to provide repairs, maintenance and servicing for cranes, access equipment, earth moving equipment, trucks and a range of other heavy machinery categories. In line with this expansion, King has also ensured that the parts needed for varying machine categories can be readily sourced and stock maintained as required. “We work hard to supply parts for all types of equipment. Again, if it is available, we can source it for you!” he said.

Word of mouth “WOMO” has played a significant role in customer engagement with SuperService™ to date. “Word spreads quickly in the industry when we are able to source a part quickly and at the right price,” King says. “I encourage anyone needing a specific part to give me a call and I will gladly assist through my own contacts and suppliers.”

SuperService™ has also recently added a Parts portal to their website including an interactive Parts Order Form at https://www.sservice.com.au/parts/. The form lists all available parts at SuperService™, allowing customers to simply tick the relevant line for items and sending it through to Paul for classification, pricing, and shipping etc. “It is yet another way we are making things easier and more transparent for our customers,” King said.

Looking towards the future, SuperService™ has clear growth plans for the parts division. “I intend to continue the growth of our SANY product lines and stock holdings to support the end users. We want to be seen as the go-to servicing business for anyone needing SANY parts and repairs,” he said. “We will also continue to work closely with other OEMs based on the needs of our customers and their specific parts requirements. It is an exciting chapter for the business and a crucial time to ensure that customers feel they have the necessary support to keep their businesses running at top speed.”

Additionally, to facilitate our growth we are very proud to announce that we have appointed our first trainee to undertake Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations. We are very keen to see this young man’s development and contributions to lead this division into the future.


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