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3 Reasons to Service Your Truck with SuperService™

Trucks are a vital component within the logistics chain for many industries across Australia. As a country of immense land size, the Australian transport industry is of critical importance to the country’s economy, so we need our trucks to always keep moving and be in top condition so they can continue to fulfill this important role.

SuperService™ provides trusted, quality servicing and maintenance programs for trucks across the eastern seaboard of Australia. We recognise the time pressures and immense demand for trucks to be on our roads, so we’re committed to collaborating closely with you to efficiently repair or service your truck and get you back to work.

Allow us to share three reasons why you should book your next truck service or repair with SuperService™ …

  1. Our Qualified Team
    SuperService™ employs technicians that have all the skills required to maintain your truck and keep it in top condition. Our Customer Commitment Charter is built on a reputation of being a professional, dependable, trustworthy, and hard-working partner. We create repair solutions that fit your needs, your schedule, and your fleet. While immediate costs such as labour and parts are crucial factors to consider, we recognise that it is of the utmost importance that the technicians completing your repairs do so in a productive and efficient manner. The faster the service, the quicker your vehicles and your drivers will be back on the clock. Most importantly we ensure we deliver quality with all our repairs being done correctly and to industry standards.
  2. Reduce Downtime
    The key to increasing uptime is scheduling maintenance when and where you need it. Performing services during routine downtimes is the most effective way of eliminating downtime during routine service periods. Allow us to collaborate with you to identify the best time to book your truck in. Often holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year, are our busiest times of the year. While you enjoy summer, allow us to get your service done and have your truck ready for the new year ahead. In Brisbane and the Greater Brisbane region our highly skilled technicians provide our services to you on site. Our fully equipped service vehicles allow us to come to you directly, eliminating expensive drive time and downtime for your company. Talk to us about how we can help you reduce downtime and keep you moving.
  3. Access to Our Tools and Technology
    Working with SuperService™ allows you to access all the latest tools and technology that we are continually investing in. We pride ourselves on having advanced tools and technology that will result in quality repair and maintenance services. Booking your truck repair with SuperService™ means you do not need to worry about the cost of operations of maintenance equipment. Leave that to us! Similarly, we adhere to all safety training to reduce the hazards of our workshops and the tasks our technicians perform. Your truck will always be in safe, capable hands.

We take our work seriously and are committed to offering you the best quality service available. Truck maintenance and repairs is in our DNA so we welcome the opportunity to show you how we can work for you.


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