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Top 3 Reasons to Book Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Top 3 Reasons to Book Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Top 3 Reasons to Book Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is scheduled, routine maintenance that helps keep construction equipment up and running, prevents unplanned downtime and avoids expensive costs from unanticipated equipment breakdowns. In practice, it may include things like oil changes, repairs, cleaning, lubrication, replacing parts or complete overhauls.

It’s a complex part of construction machinery ownership (particularly for large companies with a lot of equipment) as it requires careful planning and scheduling of maintenance on equipment before you encounter an actual problem.

Here’s our top three reasons you should be booking preventative maintenance as part of a regular schedule.


Poorly maintained machines are as dangerous as they are costly. Statistically, millions of dollars are awarded in lawsuits every year regarding personnel injured on construction sites.

While slips, trips and falls are they leading cause of injury on job sites, companies can avoid more serious outcomes by proactively maintaining equipment and following best practices.

A safe job site is a more profitable one, not just due to legal costs and compensation, but also due to less unplanned downtime caused by equipment failure.


Following from this, let’s focus on the financial reasons. Sometimes we’re short on money and can’t get a maintenance sorted. We understand. Sometimes we have to prioritise other things with our money, and that’s completely fine, so long as you reschedule as soon as possible for your regular maintenance. Not getting preventative maintenance regularly may cost you more in the long run. Without an experts attention to detail, an undetected issue may turn into a real problem that may cost you hundreds and thousands to fix, damaging the life-span of your vehicle in the process. We’ve all been there, and as mentioned previously, repairs aren’t cheap!

Another factor you may want to think about is warranty. If it’s clear as daylight that you haven’t been taking the best care of your vehicle and have no records that show it being regularly maintained, you may find yourself in hot water and not able to claim your warranty if your machine breaks down to the point of no longer being operable. Make sure you keep all receipts and correspondence when you get your construction equipment maintenance to back up any potential claims in case of an issue in the future!

One additional factor which falls into the money category is if your machine breaks down altogether and you need a new machine. If you could have prevented it breaking down, you wouldn’t have to be shelling out for a brand new piece of equipment.

Remember, maintenance is not a waste of money, it’s a preventative measure to keep your equipment running in great condition.


Whilst reading, you may have already found yourself thinking about how much time would be spent away from the jobsite and on getting urgent repairs or filing insurance paperwork.

When you take preventative measures to ensure the longevity of your machine, you not only save money and keep everyone safe, you also save on time since you avoid having to deal with all the aforementioned issues. We all know how much of a headache it is to be pulled away from work to handle repairs or paperwork.

On top of this, a well looked-after machine runs far better than one that isn’t given the proper care it needs. You can expect your machine to have a much longer life, run faster and run smoother than a vehicle which has not been receiving necessary maintenance.

If you ever find you don’t have the time to get maintenance squeezed into your busy schedule… After reading through, you may want to rethink and make some time to get all the vitals checked! After all, it could save you time.


All in all, preventative maintenance offers companies and individuals a number of important benefits including saving time, reducing costs and keeping an operation running efficiently, productively and most importantly, safely.

At Super Service, we can determine a comprehensive service schedule for your machine. We offer varied maintenance services at great prices for a variety of machinery including elevated work platforms, cranes, trucks, telehandlers, scissor lifts and excavators. We guarantee our expert technicians will be able to keep things running smoothly by regularly reminding you when you’re due for your next maintenance session.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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