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Why Choose SuperService™ For Your Crane Service and Repair Needs?

At SuperService™, we understand how important it is to keep your crane in peak condition. A crane breakdown has the potential to bring an entire work site to a halt, so maintaining the optimal performance of your crane is imperative to your business. Like all forms of heavy equipment, cranes require regular maintenance and care.  

The SuperService™ team are experts in crane repairs and service. Our primary goal is to ensure that your maintenance work is performed promptly and affordably whilst never comprising on quality and safety. Best of all, for those in Brisbane and the Greater Brisbane region, we offer a mobile service, allowing us to provide breakdown support.  

But what are the benefits of regular crane maintenance? And why should you choose us for your crane servicing and repairs? Allow us to outline all you need to know about crane maintenance with SuperService™.  


What brands do we service? 

Our team specialises in, but is not limited to, providing maintenance, services, and repairs for the following crane brands: 

Why choose SuperService™ for your crane service and repair needs?

What are the benefits and features of crane servicing? 

There are many benefits to regularly servicing your crane. Routine maintenance helps to detect any potential problems before they arise, allowing your machine to operate for longer periods of time without issues arising. Servicing makes sure that the crane’s operation, functions and mechanical components, including winch, ropes, hydraulics and calibrations are all in prime condition.  

Regular crane maintenance also saves you time and money, maximizing the efficiency of your machine, ensures safe operation, reduces the risks of downtime caused by undetected faults, and increases the lifespan of your machine.  

The SuperService™ team are your mobile, crawler and VLC crane repair specialists. They will ensure your crane is safe, performing optimally, and that it adheres to Australian safety standards. 

What other types of services do we offer?  

SuperService™ also provides inspections, services, and repairs for:  

  • EWP & Access – Including 10-year Major Inspections   
  • Redmond Gary Truck Mount EWP – Including 10-year Major Inspections  
  • Crawler/Mobile cranes – Including 10-year Major Inspections  
  • Vehicle Loading Cranes – Including 10-year Major Inspections  
  • Telehandlers – Including 10-year Major Inspections 
  • Cable Drum Laying Trailers   
  • Timber Jinker Trailers   
  • Earthmoving Equipment   
  • Demolition Equipment   
  • Material Handling Equipment  
  • Electric Pallet Jacks   

Why choose SuperService™?  

Invest in the long-term health of your cranes and keep your business running smoothly. SuperService™ are ISO 9001 accredited, members of EWPA, TSHA, CICA and RIW Rail inducted.   

Our team of heavy equipment specialists have broad and diverse skillsets, experience, and knowledge, allowing us to provide you with the highest quality service. To learn more about our crane maintenance and repairs, speak to one of our team members on 1300 895 895 or you can contact us through our website 


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