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Why Should you Consider a Preventative Maintenance Plan into the New Financial Year?

What is preventative maintenance? 

Preventative maintenance is the routine inspection of physical assets for heavy equipment and machinery. Regularly scheduled inspections, servicing, and repairs are carried out to prevent failures and extend asset life. A preventative maintenance schedule may involve things like oil changes, lubrication, cleaning, repairs, replacement of certain parts or complete overhauls. This reduces the chances of any costly, unplanned downtime from unexpected equipment failure by addressing potential issues before they reach the point of impacting machinery performance.

What are the benefits of preventative maintenance? 

By minimising the chances of unplanned equipment downtime, a well-planned preventative maintenance schedule can provide organisations with many benefits, including: 

The detection of potential problems before they arise
By having your asset regularly inspected, any underlying issues that could lead to future malfunctions or equipment breakdowns can be identified early on and quickly resolved.  

Cost savings
It is estimated that running a piece of equipment to failure costs ten times as much as performing regular maintenance. Without routine inspection, an undetected fault may turn into an issue which requires significant repairs, running up your costs and damaging the lifespan of your equipment.  

By ensuring the efficient performance of your machinery, preventative maintenance also saves you the cost of unplanned equipment downtime – the time in which construction work must halt due to critical machinery being rendered unavailable.  

Saves time
A significant benefit of preventative maintenance is fewer disruptions to critical operations, enhancing productivity. Malfunctioning equipment leads to unplanned downtime, uncertain timelines, and delays. A preventative maintenance program reduces unplanned downtime by scheduling maintenance of equipment at convenient times.  

Increases equipment expectancy
Preventive maintenance maximises the serviceable lifespan of your equipment. This is because regular maintenance helps to limit the wear and tear on your machinery, minimises utility consumption, and increases the efficiency of your equipment. Servicing a piece of equipment only after it breaks down leads to greater wear and tear and malfunctions, negatively impacting your asset’s performance and longevity.       

Enhances safety
Poorly maintained machines are as dangerous as they are costly. Maintaining equipment prevents potentially dangerous malfunctions that could result in damage, injury or worse. Preventative maintenance can prevent the likelihood of this occurring.  

Should you invest in preventative maintenance? 

Although there are upfront costs involved, a preventative maintenance plan results in significant savings over time as it increases the longevity and safety of your equipment, and there are fewer disruptions to operations due to unplanned downtime.  

At SuperService™ we are dedicated to providing high-quality services to keep your equipment in top condition. To learn more about how we can help you maintain the efficiency and longevity of your equipment, contact us today.


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