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Crane Repairs & Maintenance

The optimal performance of your crane equipment is essential to your projects and productivity – not to mention your team’s safety. These reasons alone make regular crane maintenance, servicing and major inspection imperative for your business if you want to avoid your entire worksite grinding to a halt.

SuperService understands your need to have business-critical equipment that is well maintained and fit for work to support your projects. Our team has specialist knowledge of heavy machinery and provides the best crane maintenance services to keep your machines operating at their best, with a focus on safety, quality and customer service. What’s more, our mobile repair services can even come to your depot or worksite for optimum efficiency.

At SuperService, we keep your cranes on the up!

Contact our experienced team for all your support, repairs and crane maintenance Queensland.


Our SuperService crane services:

  • Comprehensive crane repairs – mechanical and technical
  • Emergency crane breakdown – services at your depot or worksite
  • Engine repairs – from replacing parts to complete rebuilds
  • Crane maintenance – ongoing checks to prevent operational failure

Experience the benefits of SuperService Crane Repair and Maintenance Services

Safety – Cranes pose a significant safety risk if and when they fail. Inspecting all your critical machine components, from basket to boom, SuperService ensures your crane stays ship-shape and safe for your team.

Reliability – No business wants a critical piece of equipment to break down and impact project timelines. Having SuperService maintain your crane components regularly keeps your machines free from failure and always reliable.

Efficiency – Machines that run correctly help your business to save money. Regular maintenance and servicing by our specialist mechanics keeps your crane running smoothly and efficiently while minimising costs.

Longevity – As a business owner, you want a significant investment like a crane to last for years – which means taking care of it. With expert crane services from SuperService mechanics, you can expect your large equipment to work better for longer.

Compliance – Large equipment like cranes follows strict regulations due to the nature of their tasks. Regular SuperService crane maintenance and inspections ensure your machines are compliant and always ready for work.

Choose the experts for all your truck and hydraulic crane services, including repairs, inspections and crane maintenance, Queensland: SuperService.

We offer professional mobile maintenance services at your depot and crane mechanics at our service centre in Brisbane.

Book your affordable and reliable crane safety inspections, repairs or maintenance today.


Leaders in Crane Maintenance QLD




Crane Maintenance

Crane Servicing

Staying one step ahead of repairs is essential to preventing unwanted project delays. Regular crane maintenance and servicing from SuperService minimises machine failure and keeps your crane in tip-top condition. Rely on our trusted team for:

  • Scheduled regular crane maintenance and servicing
  • Rail alignment, loading capacity testing and electrics review
  • Thorough checks of all your equipment vitals
  • Componentry cleaned and re-tested

Crane Repairs

At times, your crane will need replacement parts to continue going the distance. From crankshafts to crane boom repairs, SuperService understands the urgency of repair work, making it our priority to replace faulty or ageing parts quickly and effectively. Our crane repairs include:

  • Complete review and diagnostics check to highlight point of failure
  • All new parts are sourced and replaced promptly with optimum care
  • Post-fix testing and checks to ensure your crane is working safely
  • A mobile crane mechanic on-site or at your depot if you prefer

Crane Major Inspection

Crane Servicing

Over time, your crane needs more than a regular service to keep it operational and compliant. Covering all critical equipment milestones – from annual inspections to vehicle loading crane 10-year inspections – our team ensures your machine ticks all the safety boxes. SuperService crane safety inspections include:

  • A detailed no-stone-unturned check that meets Australian safety standards
  • Necessary updates or repairs to the technical specs
  • All regular service componentry checked and updated
  • Trusted, affordable inspections completed by highly skilled crane mechanics

You can count on our team of expert crane specialists here at SuperService. We know everything about maintaining hydraulic cranes, truck cranes, telescopic cranes and more – and we’re confident you won’t find a better crane service in Brisbane than ours!


Where to Find SuperService: The Crane Maintenance And Repair Specialists

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SuperService specialises in large equipment maintenance and crane services in Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

For peace of mind, book your next crane inspection today with SuperService.


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    • "I'm proud to have a team of highly skilled technicians who really know their craft! We recognise that equipment not in service is a business liability to you so we are here to help. We operate fast, efficiently and professionally to get your gear back on site and operating at full capacity - that is our promise to you."

      JASON POWTER - General Manager

    • "Must admit 10/10. She came back, after her major inspection sparkly as all buggery and is running like a Ferrari! Well done guys, quality work!! She will be throwing steel around in no time!!!"

      Tyson H.

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      Todd B.

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      Paul G.

    • "After nearly 3 months, we have finally finished the 10 yearly on our 40t! Massive learning experience... huge thanks to Russell and SuperService™... Now let's get this big girl back to work!"

      Torque It Up Rigging

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