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    Telehandlers are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment used in the construction and agricultural industries making them a much needed, highly valuable piece of machinery on job sites. As with all lifting equipment, safe operation of telehandlers depends on a number of factors including the selection and maintenance of the telehandler. Not only


    Trucks are a vital component within the logistics chain for many industries across Australia. As a country of immense land size, the Australian transport industry is of vital importance to the country’s economy, so we need our trucks to keep moving and be in top condition at all times so they can continue to fulfill

  • A Guide for Maintenance and Care of Hydraulic Cranes

    Hydraulic cranes play an essential role when it comes to lifting heavy items and getting them from point A to point B. With all the work they do, proper hydraulic crane maintenance is crucial. Poor maintenance can leave you vulnerable to loss of efficiency, project delays, and even worse compromised safety. What Are Hydraulic Cranes?

  • Outsourcing Truck Maintenance: What You Need to Know

    The continuous advancement in truck manufacturing makes it more challenging for owners to keep up. This is especially true when talking about truck fleet maintenance. As a fleet owner, it’s a great idea to have knowledge of specialized equipment needs, which gives importance to in-house heavy truck maintenance. This also gives you better quality control.

  • Crane Inspections: Why, Who and How Often

    Operating and owning a crane is a major investment and should be regularly inspected to ensure it is operating at its optimal level. It is time consuming to know all the reasons why your crane may need an inspection, how often this needs to happen, and who is qualified to perform the inspection. The team

  • 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Equipment Maintenance

    Time is a precious commodity and prioritising resources within your business is crucial for any business to succeed.  Do you want to spend your time and energy maintaining equipment or running your business? Maintaining and operating a fleet maintenance program whilst running a commercial construction business is a significant and important responsibility. Too often is

  • How Often Should Cranes Be Inspected?

    Cranes are very technical heavy equipment that require thorough heavy equipment maintenance, servicing and inspections. In addition to Work Health and Safety Regulations, all crane operators, providers and teams exposed to crane operations on site have an obligation to ensure a work site is safe and that people are not exposed to health and safety risks on

  • SuperService™ Announces Official Partnership with COBO Oceania

    As the Heavy Equipment Specialists, SuperService™ are pleased to announce our parts partnership with European Made Global Solutions company, Cobo Oceania. Cobo Oceania is the Oceanic division of the Cobo Group servicing Australian, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands and surrounding regions. Cobo’s items are European engineered, designed and built so you

  • Top 3 Reasons to Book Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance is scheduled, routine maintenance that helps keep construction equipment up and running, prevents unplanned downtime and avoids expensive costs from unanticipated equipment breakdowns. In practice, it may include things like oil changes, repairs, cleaning, lubrication, replacing parts or complete overhauls. It’s a complex part of construction machinery ownership (particularly for large companies with a

  • Heavy Truck Maintenance Tips to Prevent Any Major Issues

    Trucks are one of the heavy equipment champions of construction work, being able to transport heavy loads from point A to B. It’s important to ensure they are looked after, which is why here at SuperService, we encourage everyone to undertake preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity and health of their vehicle – and reduce risks of breakdowns!   We’ve outlined a few ways you can perform a basic truck maintenance

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