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Telehandler Maintenance & Servicing

Telehandlers are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment used in the construction and agricultural industries, making them a much needed, highly valuable piece of machinery on job sites. As with all lifting equipment, safe operation of telehandlers depends on a number of factors including the selection and maintenance of the telehandler. Not only is regular maintenance important to reduce lost hours on site, but it is also vital for the safety of the personnel using the equipment too.


So, what is a telehandler?

A telehandler is a mobile, all-terrain machine fitted with a telescopic boom and lifting attachments. It may also be known as a telescopic materials handler or variable reach truck. The lifting mechanism consists of a telescoping boom at the end of which is fitted a mechanism which facilitates the quick interchange of attachments, commonly referred to as a “quick hitch”. Telehandlers may also have designated lifting points that can be fitted to the boom structure. The versatility of applications is largely achieved by the many attachments available for use with telehandlers.

These can include

  • forks;
  • jibs, hooks and winches for suspended loads;
  • buckets for moving bulk material such as earth, animal waste, or grain;
  • skips, sweeps and cleaners;
  • clamps such as hay bale grabs and tyre handlers. 

SuperService™ understands the importance of having a fully operational, well maintained and safe telehandlers on your job site. We work closely with our customers to create a scheduled maintenance program that not only factors in necessary repairs and routine inspections, but also considers the best times for equipment downtime for you and your business to limit lost work hours.


When is an inspection required for Telehandlers?

An inspection means a thorough check of the machine and its parts to identify the scope of maintenance and repair. For a high capacity telehandler, the inspection must be done at regular intervals. At SuperService, we generally work with three scenarios for inspections:

    1. The telehandler should be inspected within 12 months if it is used only for lifting loads, goods, etc and;
    2. A 6 months inspection is required if the telehandler is used for lifting workers to a certain height.
    3. A telehandler 10 Year inspection is a major assessment, including a complete strip down, NDT of structural and boom section tolerances, drives, hubs/axles/rims, before reassembly, testing, calibration and recertification.

Any major alteration or damage to the telehandler will be checked, identified and communicated to the owner for immediate repair approval  by our trusted and competent SuperService team to avoid any unforeseen incident or extended machine down-time on your site.

At SuperService™, we like to establish a process with our customers to alert you when routine maintenance needs to be performed. This will help ensure your telehandler’s needs are not neglected and safe and efficient use continues. Machine hours will largely determine when certain maintenance tasks need to be performed, while others will go according to the age of the machine. One of our OEM Telehandler brands suggests telehandler scheduled maintenance fits within one of these three subsections:


1. Commissioning – A series of required one-time maintenance checks that need be performed at the 50 hour and 150 hour intervals

2. Quarterly and Annually – Maintenance procedures that need to be done every three months or once a year

3. Programmed – Procedures that need to be done based on the machine’s operating hours. Simple tasks, like changing the engine oil and fuel filters at the proper intervals, will go a long way in preventing potential problems. For these simple programmed tasks, SuperService can come to you in one of our fully equipped service vehicles.

The simple processes we perform include inspecting tyres and wheels, replacing the hydraulic filter, checking belt tensions, engine mounts or hose clamps. We also look to see if hub, axle and differential oil is required, among a long list of other processes and necessary checks are performed.


 What other services do we perform for telehandlers?

SuperService™ staff are trained and equipped to do everything from simple inspections and telehandler repairs, right through to major annual procedures. Some of the checks we provide include:

  • Checking battery charge system  — are the connections tight and corrosion free?
  • Inspect electrical wiring
  • Check on the boom wear pads
  • Look for any loose nuts and bolts
  • Check hydraulic hoses and pressures
  • Make sure the fuel and hydraulic tank cap venting system is working properly
  • SOS sampling of hydraulic oil
  • Make sure the engine air filter is clean
  • Lubricate driveshafts
  • Replace the hydraulic tank return filter element
  • Lubricating the boom
  • Transmission maintenance

As you can see, telehandlers require a thorough and skilled team to keep them in top condition and working at their optimum performance level. SuperService™ are the team you are seeking and we look forward to working with you to ensure your telehandler needs are a top priority.

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