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A Complete Guide to Crane Maintenance & Repairs

Material handlers, such as cranes, are an incredibly significant and common tool regularly used in the construction sector. Available in a range of varied sizes, shapes, and capabilities, the possibilities of a crane are truly endless.

Proper maintenance of a crane is vital to ensuring the safety of workers on site as well as the longevity of your machine. For this reason, allow us to share a complete guide to crane maintenance and repairs:

Pre-start Maintenance: 

Difficulties, breakdowns, and changes can happen in day-to-day construction projects. Pre-start maintenance of your crane is a significant way to solve or prevent these issues from occuring.

You might be asking, ‘what is a pre-start check?’ A pre-start inspection is a quick but thorough review of your machine to ensure it can be safely operated. This procedure can include, but is not limited to:

  • Checking the jib and hook for damage, including cracks, bends, and thread damage.
  • Ensuring the materials being transported are within range of the crane’s capabilities.
  • Checking safety latches.
  • Checking the hoist.
  • Checking signs for leaks and damages.
  • Checking the operational area for any obstructions.

Professional Maintenance and Prevention: 

An active inspection and preventative maintenance program is crucial to the safety, productivity, and longevity of your machine.

At SuperService™, we have leading experts that are well versed in all things cranes and can perform all major crane safety inspections and services to ensure the safe operation of your machine. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure your crane is safe to run, is performing optimally, and that it adheres to all Australian safety standards.

Our professional maintenance service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring the proper alignment of your machine.
  • Inspecting chains for potential damage.
  • Hoist repair services.
  • Air and hydraulic systems inspection.
  • Brake checks.

Crane inspections can be conducted by SuperService™ for preventative measures once a year and for major procedures, such as 10 years. Whether it’s a mobile or spider crane, SuperService™ are your hydraulic crane repair ‘go to’ mechanics. We also offer mobile crane servicing across Brisbane and the Greater Brisbane region.

SuperService™ can get your machine back in action!




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