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What Causes an Electric Pallet Jack to Stop Working Correctly?

 Pallet jacks, also known as pallet trucks, are wheeled trolleys used to lift and carry heavy loads inside a trailer or warehouse. Their tapered forks slide underneath a pallet, with the pump handle or activation of the hydraulics system facilitating the raising and lowering of the load. These vital types of warehouse equipment have revolutionised material handling in numerous industries, including manufacturing, logistics, retail, automotive, steel plants, food and beverage, and many more.

In this article we explore how often electric pallet jacks should be serviced and some of the common reasons why they stop working correctly.

How often should pallet jacks be serviced?

As pallet jacks are essential equipment for efficient and safe material handling, they should be serviced regularly to ensure they’re in good working condition and compliant. With routine, thorough maintenance your electric pallet jack can last many years. It’s recommended that you conduct daily inspections before using your machine, checking for signs of wear and tear like cracks or damages in the wheels, hydraulic system, and forks. In addition to these daily checks, maintenance with a heavy equipment specialist like SuperService™ is recommended. These services involve more thorough checks and repairing of components, such as bearings and bolts, chains and brakes, logbook, wheels, controls, potentiometers, emergency stops, the lifting and lowering mechanism, as well as battery maintenance.

The frequency of servicing depends on many factors such as the manufacturer’s recommendations, the environment in which your jack used, and the frequency of usage. If your electric pallet jack is used daily, it’s advisable to have it serviced every six months.

However, if your business operates in harsh environments, such as in wet conditions or extreme temperatures, it’s important to increase the frequency of maintenance. A specialist mechanic like the team at SuperService™ can recommend a suitable servicing schedule to keep your electric pallet jack in tip-top shape.

Why has my electric pallet jack stopped working correctly?

Several factors can result in sub-optimal performance of your electric pallet jack. The following are five issues common to electric pallet jacks, their causes, and solutions.

  • ISSUE 1: The electric pallet jack isn’t lifting properly

POSSIBLE CAUSES: The hydraulic system could be leaking oil, the rotation speed of the motor is too low, or the load is beyond the jack’s capacity.

SOLUTION: Consult a specialist mechanic like SuperService™ to check and repair any leaks      and/or motor faults.

  • ISSUE 2: The life of the battery has declined

POSSIBLE CAUSES: There may not be enough battery fluid, or the battery is old.

SOLUTION: Replenish the battery fluid or replace the battery. Consult a specialist mechanic like SuperService™ to check and undertake any necessary repairs.

  • ISSUE 3: The speed reduces during use

POSSIBLE CAUSES: The voltage of the battery is too low, the electric drive motor is failing, or the drive potentiometer is not providing the correct voltage to the drive motor.

SOLUTION: Engage the services of a Heavy Equipment Specialist to remedy the issue.

  • ISSUE 4: The machine’s movement is no longer smooth

POSSIBLE CAUSES: The battery is not sufficiently charged, the voltage has dropped, or the motor drive has failed.

SOLUTION: Charge the battery or engage a Heavy Equipment Specialist to assess and repair.

  • ISSUE 5: The brakes aren’t working

POSSIBLE CAUSES: The brake release mechanism may need adjusting or the magnetic clutch is faulting with the control system.

SOLUTION: Have a specialist mechanic like SuperService™ inspect and repair the issue.

How SuperService™ can help you

If you’ve noticed any of these signs of electric pallet jack malfunction, speak to our dependable team at SuperService™. We are your electric pallet jack experts and will be able to fix the issue and have your jack back in action in no time. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with all your electric pallet jack servicing needs.



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